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Adulting, how I despise thee

Calyn Dunklau, Guest Columnist

October 14, 2015

I ’m roughly five months into a life sentence and, I gotta tell ya folks, I don’t think I’m cut out for it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s quite wonderful not cramming for a final or pulling an all-nighter to finish the...

Medieval or modern?

Calyn Dunklau for the Wayne Stater, Opinion Editor

April 8, 2015

Yesterday, Kansas became the first state in history to ban a somewhat common second trimester abortion practice. The proceedure is described by critics as dismemberment. The practice, medically known as surgical abortion, wou...

Roadtrip Time

Calyn Dunklau for The Wayne Stater

March 25, 2015

As the sun begins to thaw our weary bones, many of us are starting to make grand travel plans: booking flights, reserving hotel rooms and mapping out the best routes to the most popular destinations. Up in the Stater lab, we...

Not taking news seriously

Calyn Dunkau for the Wayne Stater, Opinion Editor

March 18, 2015

Being in the age of technology, more and more young adults are straying from conventional news sources and delving into the depths of various social media sites. The problem with this is often that what they read isn’t from...

Honesty is our policy

Calyn Dunklau, Opinion Editor

February 25, 2015

Recently, the honesty of one of America’s most familiar and to some, most trusted, news anchors, Brian Williams, has come under scrutiny. Williams admitted to lying; he was not, in fact, in a helicopter hit by ground fire...

Presidential search concerns

Calyn Dunklau, Opinion Editor

February 10, 2015

Yesterday’s WSC presidential search meeting yielded impressive feedback from the audience members. It also showed the tension between faculty and Nebraska State College System chancellor Stan Carpenter. A tumultuous past...

Snow is no excuse for stupidity

Calyn Dunklau for The Wayne Stater

February 4, 2015

Winter has us in its icy grip yet again. No surprise as it is February in the Midwest; however, it seems people have forgotten just how tricky travel can be in the snow and ice. Turtle-pacing it isn’t safe. Crawling along at ...

Still surviving

Calyn Dunklau for The Wayne Stater

January 30, 2015

Millions across Europe, a majority of them European Jews, were brought to death camps for slaughter during the Nazis’ campaign in World War II. Those that weren’t immediately gassed, hung, shot or burned, were forced to labor...

Can’t ignore rising costs

Calyn Dunklau for The Wayne Stater

January 21, 2015

According to the National Association for College Stores, the average college student will spend $655 on books per year. And while that’s steep enough as it is, there are some students forced to shell out $300 plus on a single...

Smartphones getting smarter

Calyn Dunklau for The Wayne Stater

November 19, 2014

Police and investigators are frustrated with the newest technologies coming from Apple and Google. New advances in operating systems are making listening in on the “bad guys” basically impossible for law enforcement, even...

Body standards awry

Calyn Dunklau for The Wayne Stater

November 18, 2014

Calvin Klein’s newly launched campaign, Perfectly Fit, is off to a rocky start and maybe for good reason. Model Myla Dalbesio sparked the controversy with a claim that she was the biggest girl Calvin Klein has ever worked with....