Drafting and Design Club Held Second Annual Drone Demo

Quinlan Otto, News Writer

The second annual Drafting and Design Club Drone Demo took place last Tuesday, Nov. 1 and was a successful event. 

The Drone Demo is still a very young event and at its core is a demonstration of how useful drones can be, as well as an explanation the regulations that come with using them. The demo covered the parts of a drone, how they can be used recreationally versus how they can be used in business and how to control them.  

Drones, which are becoming more and more popular, have been shown to have a variety of uses aside from filming from various heights.  

“They have a lot of different uses, especially in our industry,” Mikayla Boeshart, vice president of the Drafting and Design Club, said. “Specifically, we learned how we can use them to map and make 3D models.” 

This specific demo was geared towards surveying buildings and land elevation. Drones are not only capable of taking high quality images to be studied but can cover land faster than by foot. They are also able to reach elevations and access points that are far too dangerous or inaccessible for humans. 

“Drones are a new technology that can be fun to fly recreationally and take photos. They can make businesses more profitable and effective,” Club President Krystin Aschoff said. “Drones can be used in multiple different ways. This could be photography, site evaluation, search and rescue, or recreation. Drones are able to capture pictures to make a 3D rendering of construction sites.” 

Drones are incredibly useful for drafting and design, as they make 3D mapping and making 3D models much easier to achieve. They are also useful in other areas, such as scouting fields and such for those in agriculture. Initially, drones may seem to be expensive, but due to their multitude of uses and seemingly never-ending potential, they are a worthy investment for a plethora of businesses and corporations. 

The Drafting and Design Club was founded in 2021 and aims to inform students of many opportunities for internships or even jobs after graduation within different industries. They welcome all students, regardless of major or field of study. The club hosts companies who come in and discuss career opportunities.  

Their next meeting is Nov 29 in the CAT Building, Room 102, and they will be electing new officers, as well as have another demo, this time on Plasma Cutters and CNC Routers. They will also be having a social on Dec 6.  

For more information, students can email either President Aschoff at [email protected] or Vice President Boeshart at [email protected], or check the Club page at the Wayne State College website, under Clubs & Organizations.