Van Deeb speak on power of asking

Maddi Glause, Staff Writer

Van Deeb, an expert on selling and customer service, spoke to students about the power of asking and becoming successful in the business world April 5. 

The Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) and the Delta Sigma Pi – Eta Pi hosted Van Deeb’s talk “The Power of Asking with Van Deeb.” Students, faculty and the community were invited to come listen to Deeb speak on how to be successful in the business world. 

Deeb is dedicated to helping others become successful in business and has done so through his motivational and informative workshops, speaking events, newsletters, radio show, podcast and books.  

Deeb said his favorite people to talk to are future leaders, like students. Deeb talks to many businesses and schools. One of the big things he does is culture consulting, which is when he goes into a business to help them work out their issues. Deeb said the issues are almost always with the leadership. 

“I didn’t have mentors,” Deeb said, “so I had to figure things out, which I think is the great way to learn something, is to fail, because if you learn from your failures then you’re not going to do it again.”  

Deeb said to be successful you must learn to ask for help.  

“So many people have talent, but they forget the most neglected tool that we have, and that’s asking for help,” Deeb said.  

Deeb also said that it’s not only in business, if you need help, ask, people generally good. 

“You can’t just be an asker, because nobody wants to help somebody that’s always asking, you have to be the kind of person that people want to help,” Deeb said. “If we don’t ask for opportunities, then I really don’t see how we’re gonna accomplish what we set out to.”