Letter to the Editor

Alondra Castillo, Staff Writer

Dear Editor, I picked up the paper today to see an interesting story make the front cover. It was a Man on the Street in which random students gave their opinion on the diversity of our campus. I was pretty shocked when I picked it up. I was shocked to see that it was only white women that were picked to give their responses. You’d think when writing a story about diversity, there would be a person of color somewhere in the mix. I guess it made me a little sad and disappointed since I myself write for the paper. I felt as if The Wayne Stater completely got this whole story wrong. I myself am a Mexican-American woman. When talking with my other POC friends, we often find ourselves wishing this campus was more diverse, wishing there were other people that looked like us and could relate to us. I hope you are able to understand my frustration and I would love to see a rewrite of this story with an actual set of more diverse people.  


Thank you,   

Alondra Castillo