Letter to the Editor

Halloween mischief is not just fun and games

Dear Editor,

“Say you’re sorry” is something I tell my son numerous times a day.

It’s a value we teach our children. I know the vast majority of you do not have children and are probably a ways off from even thinking about them, and you definitely are not thinking about my children.

It was obvious that no one was thinking about my children when they stole their pumpkins from the front of my house, only to smash them a few blocks away.

There has been a problem with stealing pumpkins and destroying them for pleasure and it seems to be worse this year than others. This past weekend, six pumpkins were stolen from the front of my house on Oak Drive.

These were pumpkins that my son grew. He helped me plant them, he took care of them all summer and I wish you could have seen the look on his face the night we brought them home. He was proud of his pumpkins and he couldn’t wait to carve them. But now he can’t… they are gone… smashed… a block from our house.

What a waste.

My son is devastated by the loss of his prized pumpkins and he can’t understand why no one will tell him they are sorry.

Mandy Parker