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A game for nostalgia seekers: ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’

Sean Dunn, News Editor

January 16, 2019

Just this last year, we were introduced to one of the “most ambitious crossovers” in entertainment history. Heroes versus villains, heroes versus heroes, villains versus villains, and one big baddie to rule them all. With...

Red Dead Redemption pre-sequal lives up to expectations

Sean Dunn, News Editor

January 9, 2019

October holds a lot of excitement for the year; some people enjoy the cold weather, others enjoy the fall festivities and even more enjoy the approaching holiday season. I am no exception. I was excited for October, but not just...

Wait for a sale for ‘Rock Band 4’

Alec Nielsen, Staff Writer

November 11, 2015

              Just in case you haven’t heard of the "Rock Band" franchise here is a short synopsis: you and several other friends pick up plastic instruments and jam out, in various ways, to songs that span acr...

Letter to the Editor

October 29, 2014

Dear Editor, “Say you’re sorry” is something I tell my son numerous times a day. It’s a value we teach our children. I know the vast majority of you do not have children and are probably a ways off from even thinking a...