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What’s to stop them?

Nick Ulrich, Columnist

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Everybody knows that college campuses everywhere are filled with immature young men, hoping to achieve some sexual satisfaction through whatever means possible.

Usually colleges are given the task of playing the parent to these crazy boys, a task which is nearly impossible, it seems, at least to Wayne State College.

Last week, a woman in Bowen Hall contacted campus security after she witnessed a man videotaping her in the shower. This act, which is usually reserved to little kids and creepy old men, has come to WSC. Now, I’m no police officer or campus security officer, nor am I a Title IX Coordinator, but I suppose if I was given the responsibility of dealing with the situation, I would do a bit more than was done.

There’s still an investigation ongoing for the school, but so far, the only restriction handed down to the student has been a banning from Bowen Hall.

This is great news for the women on campus, because none of the other residence halls have showers or women. Furthermore, the student, whose name is entirely unknown, unless you go on Facebook or in any women’s bathroom on campus, still resides on campus and attends classes.

Once again, I’m no coordinator for any sort of titles, but I don’t know if I would allow such a danger to women to reside in a living quarters on campus with access to women’s showers (or at least as much access as he had before).

I’ve been assured that because of this incident, there are more campus security officers walking around, RA’s are doing their nightly checks more than usual and there is a no-contact order on the alleged offender against the victim, but none of that seems to matter when men could simply lurk around the women’s restroom waiting for a shower to take place.

I’ve also been assured that WSC does its best to educate all of its students on the dangers of sexual assault, which makes sense.

I mean, did you hear what the victim was wearing?

Colleges around the world are responsible for the safety of all of their students. While everyone has a right to their innocence until proven guilty, not everyone has a right to live on campus.

I won’t bash the school, as the investigation is still ongoing, except to say that they haven’t handed out any punishment on the situation, and perhaps they should do a little bit more than just waiting around for the police to do something.

If nothing else is done about the matter, I suppose all of the women at WSC will have to file a no-contact order against the accused and hope the Title IX coordinator can successfully prevent him from talking pictures or videos of them in the shower.

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