WSC has number-one college radio and TV stations

Justise Brundage, News Editor

For small-college journalists across the state, the Nebraska Collegiate Media Association Golden Leaf awards are what they work hard for all year.

Wayne State College media were rewarded for their efforts at the spring NCMA conference and awards ceremony at Doane College in Crete on Saturday. Not only did 91.9 The Cat, KWSC-FM win best radio station of the year, but Catvision, KWSC-TV also won best TV station of the year.

91.9 The Cat has won station of the year six out of the past seven years.

This was the first year since 2007 that Catvision has won station of the year.

The Wayne Stater also did well, receiving fourth place in best overall newspaper as well as second in total awards.

Small-college journalists, all outside the University of Nebraska system, enter work that they produced during the school year. Those pieces of work are placed in various categories and sent to professionals all over the country to be judged first, second, third and honorably mentioned.

Those awards are turned into a “sweepstakes” points system. First place is worth five points; second place, three points; third is one point and honorable mention is zero points.

The points are added up from each school to determine who receives Best Station or Newspaper of the year.

Journalism and digital media students met early on Saturday morning to attend sessions about getting jobs, as well as learn tips to use in their station or news room.

Lunch was served and that was when awards were announced.

Entertainment: Gameshow or Talk Show-2nd “Wayne State Who’s Line”; 1st “Roommate Game Valentine Special”
Entertainment: Music Video-Honorable Mention Richard Rhoden “Harley’s World”; 3rd Regan Carriere “Photosynthesis”
Entertainment: Miscellaneous-3rd Catvision Team “Ways of the Wildcat”; 2nd Morgan Strough “Day in the Life of a Dancer”
General News Reporting-3rd Brandon Hofstra “Aqua-Africa”
Long Form Video- Honorable Mention Lauren Davis “Senior Basketball”; 1st Marie Ostry “The History Book”
Newscast- 3rd Catvision Team “September News Breif”
Public Affairs- 1st Morgan Strough “Liz’s Testimony”
Public Service Announcement- Honorable Mention Student Athletic Advisory Committee “SAAC”; 2nd Taylor Clark “Can’t Drive, What Do?”; 1st Regan Carriere “Too Many Green Beans”
Promotional- Honorable Mention Regan Carriere “Day in the Life of a Cosplay”; 1st Morgan Ruterbories “Why Wayne”
Short Film- Honorable Mention Nathan Seaman and Zach Halsey “To Do List”; 3rd Matthew Ostry “Tractor Pulling in Nebraska”; 2nd Zach Halsey “Elevating Confusion”; 1st Marie Ostry “In God We Trust”
Videography- Honorable Mention Richard Rhoden “Wayne State Vs. Northern State”; 3rd Josh Tvrdy “Disc Golf PSA”; 2nd Cody Talbot “Einsamkeit”



91.9 The Cat

Radio Personality- 2nd Megan Kneifl “DJ Ryder”
Radio Community Service- 1st 91.9 The Cat Staff “24-hour Remote”
Radio Entertainment Program-3rd Connor Ryan “Wildcat Wrap-up 4/9/15”; 2nd Josh Tvrdy and Sarah Lentz “Morning Perk Mixdown”; 1st Liz Daehnke “WSC Writer’s Weekly”
Radio Event Sports Cast- 1st Adrian Eggers and Andrew Eaton “NSIC Tournament Basketball”
Radio News Story- 2nd Zach Halsey “Rumors Play”; 1st Taylor Clark “Bowen Hall Renovation”
Radio Newscast- 3rd Megan Kneifl and Andrew Eaton “KWSC-FM Newsbreak 1-25-16”
Radio Promotional Series- 3rd 91.9 The Cat Staff “Music Promo Series”; 2nd 91.9 The Cat Staff “DJ Promo Series”; 1st 91.9 The Cat Staff “24-hour Remote Series”
Radio Public Affairs Program- 3rd Megan Kneifl “Jay Collier Interview”; 2nd Megan Kneifl “President Rames Interview”
Radio Public Service Announcement- 3rd 91.9 The Cat Staff “Wayne Stater Series”; 2nd 91.9 The Cat Staff “Haven House Series”; 1st 91.9 The Cat Staff “Career Fair Series”
Radio Remote Broadcast- 3rd 91.9 The Cat Staff “24-hour Remote Broadcast”; 2nd 91.9 The Cat Staff “Turkey Drop 2015”; 1st 91.9 The Cat Staff “Fall WSC Career Fair”
Radio Transitional Element- 1st Taylor Clark “Station Liner”
The Wayne Stater
Review Writing- Honorable Mention Sarah Lentz; 3rd Laura Anderson
Feature Writing- Honorable Mention Mason Schweizer
Hard News/Spot News Reporting- 1st Derek Pufahl
Headline Writing- Honorable Mention Sarah Lentz; 1st Justise Brundage
Series or Special Section/Edition- 2nd Sarah Lentz; 1st Derek Pufahl
Cartoon- Honorable Mention Emma Osnes
Special Graphics or Infographics- Honorable Mention Sharon Cole
One-page Layout and Design- 3rd Laura Anderson
Single, Inside-page Design- 3rd Thadd Simpson
Sports Photograph- Honorable Mention Richard Rhoden; 1st Richard Rhoden