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Welcome to WillyCon

Welcome to WillyCon

April 4, 2017

A letter to Sayde

Thadd Simpson, Staff Writer

August 31, 2016

My sister is going to be a freshman this year. Not at Wayne, oh no, she needed a longer runway for the landing jet plane that is her life, but still, a freshman is a freshman. So I decided to write a letter to her. Sayde, I...

WSC has number-one college radio and TV stations

Justise Brundage, News Editor

April 20, 2016

For small-college journalists across the state, the Nebraska Collegiate Media Association Golden Leaf awards are what they work hard for all year.   Wayne State College media were rewarded for their efforts at the spring...

Vocab with Mel and Thad

Melissa Norris and Thad Simpson, Copy Editors

April 8, 2015

Recently, we came across a BuzzFeed video that featuring 15 beautiful words, so we thought we should write about our 10 favorite words. Some words Melissa liked from the video included effervescence, ephemeral, incandescence, epo...