“Where the boys are”


Sarah Lentz, Opinion Editor

It’s hard when a hero and source of inspiration makes comments that make you shudder. Many of us on the Stater staff are figuring that out this week.

Recently, two influential women chastised young, female voters for not supporting Hillary Clinton.

First was Madeline Albright, who repeated (for the billionth time) her “there’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t help other women,” quote. Albright, the first woman Secretary of State, was on the campaign trail for Clinton and implied that every woman should support her.

We can let that slide because Albright is a long-time Clintonian crony, who, we believe, like Mrs. Clinton, is as much a part of the patriarchy as any man in politics.

Far worse were the comments made by feminist icon Gloria Steinem.

While on the “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Steinem intimated that Bernie Sanders attracts young female voters because “that’s where the boys are.” Huh?

This is problematic for many reasons; the biggest is that the woman who taught a generation to stand up to misogyny believes a newer generation of women are basing their vote on who will impress “the boys.” Seems pretty misogynistic to us.

We believe that the whole purpose of the feminist movement is to bring equality between the genders. Steinem’s comments don’t represent that.

Our editorial staff is comprised almost entirely (we still love you, Thadd) of strong women who are politically-minded. We base our support for candidates based on issues that are important to us, and we support Sanders because we agree with his platform more than Clinton’s.

Steinem’s comments caused such an uproar that she issued a mostly-insincere apology. The whole episode just showed how out of touch she is with young women today. It’s disappointing, but we’re still feeling the Bern whether the boys are there or not.