Megan Kneifl, Columnist

I got to miss the first week of classes this semester.


But my week away was probably nothing like you could have imagined.

First, I had a sobering accident. I spun out on the ice while driving my Jeep (which I now fondly call my tank) and tipped over in a snow bank.

It was terrifying.

I have one bruise. My tank has one dent. I think we’re a perfectly matched, extremely lucky pair. I also happened to be followed by the Pender Chief of Fire and Rescue. Did I mention that I’m extremely lucky? (Cory is a saint! If anyone knows him, pass that on!)

The next day I got up early to try again, crawled past my wreck site at 20 mph, and made it to camp so I could get in a different car for a 10 hour each-way road trip with my bosses.

I know what you’re thinking.

And yes, I’m a little bit crazy, but no, I don’t regret it for a moment.

My bosses are some of the most incredible people in the world. And with them, I got the opportunity to attend a conference for people who work toward bettering the future of camping.

It was exceptional. I got to meet some amazing individuals and teams from across mid-America. We played games, sang, workshopped and discussed the future.

It was also terrifying.

My job market competition is fierce.

But among the many things I took away from the conference, one of them that has really impacted my outlook on my future is that although that future is filled (to the brim) with uncertainty and the fear of joblessness, I have the most unbelievable group of supporters in my corner.

I mean, when looking at my support team, my family and friends alone make this one incredible group.

But when you add people who are so willing to hype your name because they’ve seen you in action and believe in you wholeheartedly? It’s an empowering moment. To know that “this isn’t lip service” is the ultimate ego boost.

And even when I start to freak out because I realize that figuring out the future is a daunting task, these people calmly remain. They pat my shoulder and give me hugs, and let me know that they aren’t going anywhere. They’re more than happy to support me as I figure it all out, and I know they’ll help me in any way they can.

Everyone needs a team like this team which, luckily, claims me as one of their own and supports me wherever my passion steed may lead.

So push on, Wayne State. Work hard, break boundaries and have an amazing semester.