Papercut has reduced carbon footprints

Paper usage in library cut by $1,100 last spring

Taylor Clark, Staff Writer

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Printing just got serious, and the Wayne Green Team has something to say about it.

With finals on their way next week, printing paper around campus is a must for your final paper needs. The team is asking you to consider your use of paper and using less to reduce your carbon footprint and help move toward the goal of zero waste.

The Green Team is not alone. WSC’s Network and Technology Services (NATS) has its back. NATS is leading the effort to reduce paper by adopting Papercut on a trial run at Conn Library.


Papercut is a copy control system that provides users with easy options to reduce the paper in any printing job, which can drastically reduce waste.

The project has helped the campus immensely. Using Papercut in the spring semester of 2015 reduced paper usage by the equivalent of over $1,100 in the library and the savings keep going up.

Also, an equivalent 13,106.7 light bulb hours have been saved through reduced use of the printers. With the excitement of the numbers, NATS has been happy with these results. They will be expanding Papercut to every building on campus.

Students of Business Ethics, BUS 408 and 627; Ethics in Leadership, The Service-Learning Program and the Wayne State Green Team are encouraging students, staff and faculty to sign a pledge to reduce their use of paper.


You can take the pledge at:

Eli Vosler, a WSC student involved in the project, said he and many others were more than happy to do their part to help the environment.

“I believe the Wayne State Green Team is establishing a credible agenda that could strongly influence our resource usage,” Vosler said.

For more information, visit the pledge’s website, which is listed above, or the Wayne Green Team’s website at: Also, check its Facebook page to get news of upcoming events and promotions.

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