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NATS grants students’ wishes for better printing

Ashley Murphy, Staff Writer

WSC students wanted better printing options on campus. In spring 2016, they’re getting those wishes fulfilled.

WSC’s network and technology services (NATS) have been working hard in collaboration with representatives from offices all across campus to bring new printer technology to life on campus.

According to one of the latest Educause Student IT Use surveys and feedback from the Student Senate, students wanted to see improvement in the printing systems on campus, which began the PaperCut process.

Now, PaperCut is in the process of a full expansion that involves a complete replacement of all copiers and printers on WSC’s campus with new HP and Sharp systems in the last two weeks of January.

This update will not only allow students to use color copiers and printers in the library and student center, it will also integrate high-volume black and white printers in the lobby of each residence hall.

Because of the use of PaperCut, each of these printers can be accessed by using either the computer labs or personal devices.

Chief information officer John Dunning has been working hard to get this system up and going, and he believes the change will be nothing but positive.

“By utilizing PaperCut to better understand our print volume, we’re able to dramatically improve the quality of service provided to campus, decrease paper waste and do so without any increase in costs,” Dunning said.

The charge for printing will not be going up with the new services in the library and student center, even with the updated equipment. However, the printers in the residence halls and the color printers will be a bit more expensive per page.

It is important to note that the $50 pre-paid printing allocation that students are given each semester will remain the same. Dunning pointed out that this amount has been more than sufficient for most of the student population.

Accompanying this update will be the first step in phase one of electronic door access, which means new campus ID cards called “Cat Cards.”

With these cards, students can print to the Sharp copier queue and pick up their papers at any public Sharp copier by simply tapping their Cat Card on the copier and using the touch screen to select which documents need printed.

These cards will also be of use at all Chartwells locations and in the Conn Library for checking out resources.

To accommodate the electronic doors, residence halls will receive updated exterior door locks that can be unlocked using the Cat Cards. This update will begin over spring break and may be fully functioning by fall 2016.

Dunning said the Cat Cards’ hardware and software “are scheduled to be installed this week, and if the integration with our existing systems is successful, NATS will be distributing the new Cat Cards on January 10.”
Dunning also noted that students can use their old ID cards until all of the new copiers are in place.

“If you don’t have a meal plan, or if you don’t happen to return to campus on the evening of the 10th, you’ll be able to pick up your Cat Card at the US Conn Library later in the week,” Dunning said. “NATS will send out an email to all students with more specifics about card distribution as the process unfolds.”

Students need to remember to pay close attention to what is going on around them and check emails frequently when returning from break. Lots of great things will be happening, Dunning said, and it is important that everyone stays up to date in order to utilize the new technology.