Tess-tify: To find a solution


Tess Riecke, Columnist

I wish I could create a solution for world peace. I wish for a lot of things that will never happen.

Hate is as inevitable as breathing.

More recently, the attacks in Beirut and Paris have been in the minds of the western world. With all of this violence in the world, it makes me question why is it so much easier to hate than to love.

1. It is easy for people in the west to hate, especially when it comes to different cultures. Sure, there is plenty of love to go around, but when it comes to violence, I feel like the U.S. jumps straight to anger.

On Monday, the symbol for Peace for Paris (Eiffel Tower with a circle around it) was painted on the Islamic Center in Omaha.

The vandalism took the symbol and turned it into a way to convey hate for people who had nothing to do with the attacks in Paris. It is so much easier for ignorant people to hate what they don’t know, rather than try to love and understand a different culture.

2. We believe in fighting fire with fire and in revenge.

We are a vengeful country. Sometimes vengeance is needed, but whatever happened to forgiveness?

I usually don’t see the point in an eye for an eye. That just makes the whole world blind. Sure, punishment is needed, but I don’t think more lives should be lost.

Forgiveness takes a lot of love and maturity and can take years to occur but all that work is worth it because with forgiveness comes peace.

3. Most importantly, it’s easier to hate than to love, because there’s less of a chance we’ll get hurt.

Imagine the first time you fell in love. Scary right?

You put all that trust and love into someone else’s hands and they could easily crush it. We don’t want to open up to anyone else in fear of getting hurt again.

I want to see Americans use their privilege for good. We need to lead the way for hope and love.

As a society, we need to try to jump to compassion and love and hope first.

Start with the small stuff. Smile at someone, give a compliment, apologize for a wrongdoing, and forgive someone. The list could go on and on. Whatever it is, do it.

So, before I forget, I hope you have a wonderful day today.