Holton to host ‘Aesthetics and speed: Telecommunications in Contemporary Art’

Taylor Clark, Staff Writer

Christopher Holton, WSC’s interim design professor, will host the third colloquia series presentation of the semester, “Aesthetics and speed: Telecommunications in Contemporary Art,” Wednesday Dec. 2 at 3:30 p.m. This presentation will be held in room 319 of the Humanities Building, with a question and answer session to follow.

Holton is an alum of WSC, receiving his undergrad degree in 2010.

Holton has received an MFA at Montana State University in sculpture, he later came back to WSC as a professor in the Department of Art and Design. While currently teaching design and digital imaging, as well as classes in visual arts, his work has been shown across the Midwest from Michigan to western South Dakota.

Holton is currently displaying “50,000 Years of Non-Linear Editing,” a visual arts gallery show in WSC’s Nordstrand gallery.

The Colloquia Series offers Arts and Humanities faculty the opportunity to present their original research and work with faculty and students across campus in monthly sessions. Other faculty that are to be featured include Lori Newcomb, Catherine Rudin, Stephanie Marcellus, Michael Grove, Marlene Mueller and Gretchen Ronnow.

Rodney Cupp and Kelly Weber are also upconing presenters who will connect your mind with its creative side.

For more information about the Colloquia presentation, contact Kelly Weber at [email protected], or call 402-375-7409.