Think about the ‘thanks’


Sarah Lentz, Opinion editor

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or what your personal ideologies are; everyone knows a veteran. It may be a family member or a classmate, but we all know someone who has served in the military, and today is the day to show some extra love and support to those people.

We believe that many times, veterans are thanked for their service, but those of us who haven’t served don’t really give enough thought to what that service entails.

Most of us are not willing to put in the countless hours away from friends and family to push our minds and bodies out of our comfort zones.

We can’t imagine the physical and mental stress one goes through while completing basic training. Not only are muscles and skill strengthened, but those in the military have to wrap their brains around the fact that their time won’t always be their own.

Once training is over, they become a part of a team; a team that could potentially be asked to put their lives on the line to protect someone else’s.

They will most likely be having someone literally giving them orders which have to be followed.

You don’t have to support a particular war, conflict or particular government to respect the fact that that is, indeed, quite the sacrifice.

Especially for some lower-income Americans, sometimes joining the military can be the only way to afford higher education.

We don’t think we would have the fortitude to go through all of that work just as a means to pay for college. Those in the Reserves often have drills and go to school at the same time.

Anyone who make that commitment deserves to be genuinely thanked and celebrated every day, not just on Nov. 11.

Thank the veterans in your life for their service today, but really think about what goes into that service and appreciate the hard work and dedication behind it.

From The Wayne Stater, to all of the veterans: thank you for your service.

Sarah Lentz for The Wayne Stater