Sound of Hogwarts coming to campus


Steele Giles, Staff Writer

Anybody who was outside on Thursday, Oct. 15, at 5 p.m. may have heard that the bells had been changed from their usual chimes to a medley of Harry Potter music.

This medley was something the WSC senate had been working on in association with college faculty and staff for some time, between getting the rights to play it and arranging a time for it.

The student senate encountered some difficulties in the meeting, as a miscommunication left representatives unable to enter their meeting room in Gardner 115 until shortly before it was supposed to start. In spite of this, the meeting began in short order only slightly behind schedule.

Two new senators were inducted: Mackenzie Larson as the arts and humanities representative and Chelsea Brinkman as the life sciences representative.

Among the issues discussed were plans to redesign the campus Frisbee golf course, situated just west of the sand volleyball courts. A part of the process includes plans to invite a representative from the Omaha Disc Golf Association with experience in designing courses to come up and have a look around and brainstorm some ideas.

Much of the discussion regarding the issue had to do with how much money to allocate towards reimbursing the representative. The figure reached was $300, giving them a cushion depending on mileage and meal expenses.

The course remodel is not expected to take place any time soon, but the senate will be laying money aside for it in the interim.

Perhaps the largest issue discussed involved an amendment for the senate’s constitution that will expand the availability of representation throughout the student body.

The freshman class appears to benefit the most from the amendment, since it raises the minimum number of representatives to three, adding an additional one for each 250 full-time students that hold freshman status.

The amendment will grant Student Trustee and Student Activities Board representatives to the senate the power to vote, something they lacked in the past.
Additionally, it will change how the senate handles a senator changing majors to one outside of his constituency. Instead of losing voting privileges and being shunted into the new seat (if it was empty), he will retain the power to vote until the end of the semester, at which point the newly vacated position can be filled by appointment and the option to become a representative of the new constituency will open up.

In upcoming events, the senate is planning to participate in a state college conference in the next two weeks, in which it will be meeting with representatives from both Chadron and Peru State Colleges. Representatives will discuss challenges facing each organization, campus features to consider instituting and system-wide changes to consider making.

One idea proposed in the meeting was the creation of an honors college, a fifth academic school that would offer only honors courses and aim to prepare students for experiences in graduate or research schools. It would address the lack of diversity in the honors courses currently offered by Wayne State College.