The circus comes to town

Sarah Lentz, Opinion Editor

Only another 390 days to go.

Though it seems like a long way off, I can’t wait to hit the last of the 390 days before the 2016 presidential election. Not because there’s a candidate I know can change America—I’m too old and world-weary to still believe such a thing is possible—but because I, like you (I’m guessing,) am already so tired of the constant campaign coverage and we haven’t even hit attack-ad season.

Election years are always a circus that boarders on a freak show, but in every election it feels like the circus is coming to town earlier and earlier.

That’s not to say I’m not paying attention.

I’m kind of like the geeky kid in “The Breakfast Club” who has a fake ID so that he can vote. Every American who can vote should. Our president affects our daily lives whether you want to believe it or not.

Yes, Congress has lots of power, but Congress reacts based on the president in office more often than not. Obama may not be the best president in my lifetime, but he has been hindered by a Congress that often acts, or fails to act, just to spite him.

I think everyone should be somewhat familiar with all of the major players, not just the ones in your particular political party. As Sun-Tzu said, “know thyself, know thy enemy.” It’s nice to know what you can expect if you bet on a losing horse.

Only time can tell who will win their primaries, but those are voted on too and I shudder to think that many who vote in them aren’t as informed as they should be.

I don’t care what anyone says, I refuse to believe that so many people think Donald Trump is a viable candidate based on his policy ideas. People like Donald Trump because he is one voice of a very frustrated American public. There’s no doubt we need a major change in our national political system, but we don’t need that type of change.

It’s up to every voter to practice some due diligence. Learn what these candidates really stand for. Figure out if their ideas are plausible. Analyze how they will deal with national and international issues.

Voting is both a privilege and a responsibility. Take time to think about what the office means and the ability of a candidate to deal with that.

And above all remember, only another 390 days to go.