Letter to the Editor

Ali Wilson

Sitting here in my yoga pants and sipping my black coffee, I’m confident I am not the only girl offended by last week’s “Nonsense with Nick” column.

To assume that the only thing us girls who wear “Ugg boots, scarves, glasses, and yoga pants” are motivated by in fall is the flavor pumpkin spice is a bold statement.

The idea that a man getting coffee to help him push through an important test or a paper to write, while women only drink lattés to improve their social status, is appalling.

I also found it offensive that the idea of a caramel macchiato damages your masculinity.

Am I less of a woman because I’m currently drinking my coffee black?

Nick Junck’s article spoke directly to the gender stereotypes our generation is working so hard to diminish.

I guarantee you that as a “white girl” I am motivated by much more than the scent of pumpkin spice and bedazzled Victoria Secret yoga pants. To put all white females in that box is a bold generalization.

I, and every single one of my female friends here at Wayne State College, are here to pursue a higher education, not this month’s special at Jitters.