30 years of frustration

Students are advised to take intiative to start on-campus daycare

Ashley Murphy, Staff Writer

Wayne State College is a school that offers students an abundance of support in multiple areas, which often helps to make college life a bit easier on everyone. However, as with any great institution, there is always room for improvement.

What started out as an investigative article about WSC offering childcare to students, faculty and staff, turned into a realization that Wayne State’s students need to be more proactive about their educational needs.

After an interview with the director of the counseling center Lin Brummels, it was clear that WSC is ready to better serve its students, but in order for the college to address any struggles students and prospective students are running into, they must first be made aware of just how real the need is.

At Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Neb., there is a program that has been implemented known as “New Beginnings,” which has helped students who are parents, pregnant or otherwise in need of special support in their education. One such support was their campus daycare that has recently been closed.

This idea of a campus daycare brought about questions about WSC. According to Brummels, there has been talk of a campus daycare for nearly 30 years, but nothing has ever come of it because they have never truly known how much the benefits would outweigh the drawbacks.

“Funding is a big obstacle,” said Brummels, “then there is insurance and other important factors. So far, standard daycare has not worked.”

The Dean of education and counseling, Dr. David Harycki, agreed with Brummels in the sense that it is difficult economically. Like Brum­mels, he sees the importance of identifying and addressing issues students are having.

“Never budge your priorities, prioritize your budget,” said Harycki.

There are some students that believe that they are alone in their struggles, but the reality is there are more than likely other individuals on WSC’s campus and other campuses alike that are facing the same troubles.

It is also likely that the exact same struggle one student is having is the reason another individual in the country cannot go to college, because the support system is simply not present.

With that being said, this is not a matter of negligence on either side. It is a matter of WSC needing to come together as a community and work to build a stronger support system that addresses the major obstacles that both current and prospective students face.

The importance of this is knowing that WSC students live in a democ­racy, and if they want something to be changed, fixed or created, they are going to have to do some of the work.

Childcare and support of college students that are parents is merely one example of an area in which WSC could do some digging and look into building a system of support.

In order to leave Wayne State in a better condition than when we came, students have to strive to make changes for the better now and speak up about issues concerning their education and their educational environment.

Brummels’ advice to students who are looking to make changes on campus is to make your cause known and look for others who are facing the same troubles.