Opening WSC eyes to the world

The man behind Under-Told Stories, Fred de Sam Lazaro, to visit WSC


Photo courtesy of College Relations

Fred de Sam Lazaro, PBS Correspondent and NewsHour reporter, will be speaking on campus this coming Monday and Tuesday. He is the founder of Under-Told Stories, an effort to open eyes to people around the world making a difference.

Debbie Hernandez, Staff Writer

Picture the daily battles for a Pakistani Christian in a predominantly Muslim nation, the recovering journey for the Philippine’s Typhoon Hayian victims, or the rewards reaped by a Minnesota student supplying business services to small-scale farmers in East Africa.

“These are just some of the many inspirational stories of citizens taking action for the common good,” Leah Keino, Director of the Multicultural Center, said.

These stories and more are being shared throughout the country on behalf of Under-Told Stories project at St. Mary’s University in Minnesota, a program that merges both international journalism and teaching. The mastermind behind this revolutionary venture is PBS correspondent and NewsHour reporter, Fred de Sam Lazaro, who’s highly anticipated visit will soon make its mark in Wayne America.

“WSC and Wayne community members will find Fred de Sam Lazaro to be a courageous and inspiring man,” Monica Snowden, professor of Sociology, said. “He offers a lens into the hearts and minds of people and communities throughout the world, and shows the best of the human spirit.”

Besides having reported from 57 countries in the past three decades, the Indian-born journalist is a recipient of an honorary doctorate, numerous journalism awards and has directed films for the acclaimed documentary series, “Wide Angle.”

“Broadly speaking, our students and campus community at large will benefit from these exposures to expand their horizon,” Meena Dalal, professor of Economics, said.

According to Barbara Engebretsen, Professor of exercise science, if you wonder how your major or career interests matter in the “big picture,” you will hear stories about people just like you who are making a big difference working with people around the world and in your own communities.

The WSC Presidents Council for Diversity and Office of Multicultural Affairs is hosting de Sam Lazaro’s presentation on Under-Told Stories on Feb. 3-4.

The event will be held at the Senior Center-Wayne Public Library from 5-6:30 p.m. on Feb. 3 and at 9:30-10:30 a.m. and 11a.m-noon in Gardner Auditorium on Feb. 4. An open forum will be held on Feb. 4 from 12:30-1:30 p.m. in Frey Conference Suite.

“I hope that his stories will open our eyes to the world around us,” Engebretsen said. “And nudge at least a few of us to think again about finding concrete solutions to address understood problems.”