WSC grad excels in Tinsel Town

After working for Warner Brothers, Kyle Christensen will attend London School of Economics

Janet Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Lights. Camera. Action.

Wayne State College alumnus Kyle Christensen went from the WSC to Hollywood.

He went from the comfort of his quiet dorm room in Terrace Hall to the busy streets in Los Angeles six months after graduating in 2007.

Talk about a whole new level.

Christensen participated in several productions at WSC as a performer and a producer. He was constantly active in broadcasting and theatre.

Today, Christensen finds himself working for the Warner Brothers, a huge and friendly environment he enjoys, in which he has worked the longest.

“Reminds me of Nebraska,” Christensen said.

Christensen also worked for several other media companies such as Paramount, Fox and Disney.

Some of his most recent work includes “Privileged,” “V,” “Selfie,” “Terra Nova,” “Suburgatory” and the show he is most proud of, “The Fosters.”

He is currently working on the pilot for “The Curse of the Fuentes Women.” The series is another piece from the creator of “Ugly Betty.” Next month, he will find out if the series was picked up or not.

“Usually, by the time a show is on air, I’m off of it and onto the next,” Christensen said.

Film-post production consists of editorial and administrative/managerial roles, which is the part that Christensen plays.

His job is to help with the production of episodes, preparation for shooting the episodes and supervising sessions at the post facility and the crew under him.

As dreamy as his job may sound to some of us, Christensen decided it was time to move on and go after a different career by continuing school.

What most people do not know was that Christensen was a special education student, from sixth grade until he went to WSC.

He dropped his “special education” status by simply keeping it quiet. It had affected his self-esteem while growing up, but he discovered his identity at WSC.

“That’s what I value most from my time at WSC,” Christensen said. “The confidence and identity I acquired.”

He graduated WSC with a double major in broadcasting and theatre as an honors student.

“I left having accomplished more than I ever imagined, and I had fun doing it,” Christensen said.

After working in Hollywood for several years, he has decided he does not want to settle there.

“The entertainment industry is very demanding,” Christensen said. “It is not a career, it is a lifestyle.”

As an observer with a curious mind, he wants to expand on the skills he has gained while working in Hollywood. He enjoys seeing the operation of individuals, groups and organizations.

“The aspect I love the most about my job is learning from and engaging with others,” Christensen said.

To avoid burnout, Christensen has found the new career he is ready to pursue: a master’s degree in organizational behavior, which is a business-psychology-sociology hybrid.

Christensen will be making his way to London this upcoming fall. He will soon be a student at the London School of Economics and Political Science, one of the most prestigious universities.

He sealed the deal after visiting the campus in December.

“I experienced the same feeling I had when I first visited WSC back in 2004,” Christensen said. “I was comfortable and it felt right.”