‘The busiest day in the history of our business’

Lauren Davis, Staff Writer

The 14th annual Battle on the Nebraska Prairie two day rugby tournament was a huge success, drawing a total of 80 rugby teams from 13 states and Canada. The tournament, organized by WSC rugby coach Darrin Barner, was held on Friday and Saturday at the rugby complex, practice fields on campus and other sites around town.

Multiple businesses in Wayne always look forward to rugby weekend because it provides some of the highest revenue they see all year. Both Cobble Stone Hotel and Super 8 were completely booked Friday and Saturday.

“We raise our rates by about $30 and still manage to get every single room booked. It is, by far, the busiest and the rowdiest the hotel is all year,” said Kayla Greves, a front desk worker at Super 8.

Numerous restaurants and bars around town also spoke highly of the rugby tournament because of the amount of business they received.

McDonald’s, Udder Delights, Subway, The Max, Godfather’s and Riley’s all said that this is the most business they bring in throughout the year.
Some restaurants had to increase the number of employees working on Friday and Saturday.

McDonald’s had to have 5-6 more employees working this weekend each shift, and Subway had 2-3 more.

“Rugby weekend is one the busiest days of the year. This year it was on the same day as the track event, and it was the busiest day in the history of our business,” WSC alumnus and co-owner of Godfather’s, Cale Giese, said. Godfather’s had three times the business on Saturday than any other regular Saturday.

Riley’s bar also held the annual “Toga Night” on Saturday. It was a Party-Rock Concert-Dance Club Night. Most revenue was generated by those in Wayne for the rugby tournament.