Search deadline extended

20 have applied for WSC presidency

Justise Brundage, Staff Writer

The application deadline for the Presidency at Wayne State College has been extended beyond today.

Stan Carpenter, Chancellor of the Nebraska State College System, said on Tuesday that applications for the position, available because of Curt Frye’s retirement, would be accepted beyond March 25.

“We don’t want to have a cut-off date because if we get another really good applicant, we don’t want to turn them away because they were a day or two off,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter declined to give the number of applicants so far. But an unnamed source said late last week that there were at least 20 names in the pool.

“We don’t want to give a number of how many candidates we have because someone will be dissatisfied. Either it will be too big or too small of a pool,” Carpenter said.

“But I am confident that we have a good size and quality of candidates in this pool.”