Getting Sassy with Sarah: Feminism taking it a bit too far


Sarah Lentz, Staff Writer

Lately, it seems like we’ve discussed feminism in every one of my classes. I’ve heard my fellow women bemoaning how hard our gender has it.

I acknowledge that we aren’t always equal in the eyes of our male counterparts. I say, who cares?

I know that there are still things to work on when it come to gender equality.

The wage gap, or the difference between what men and women earn for comparable jobs, is just one example of how our society is still sexist. According to the Pew Research Center, women only make 84 cents for every $1 men with similar positions make. Not cool.

Unfortunately, our world isn’t perfect.

As long as there are more male CEOs than women, as long as women get catcalled or told they aren’t as good at math or science, we’ll never really be in a post-feminist world.

I’m finding I get more and more irritated when I hear my fellow American ladies talk about how unfair life is for women here.

First of all, whoever told you the life is fair is a big, fat liar. Life’s not fair and sometimes you have to be the underdog.

Secondly, first world problems much?

I don’t know about all you other strong, proud women, but I can vote, speak my mind, own property and basically do whatever I want within the confines of the law.

There are few countries in the world where women are more equal or treated better. I’m more worried about race equality, income equality and marriage equality because our society lags in those areas much more than gender equality.

Who cares if you are a b-word? Care more about getting stuff done like a boss.

— Sarah Lentz

I think in order to get to that post-feminist society, women need to be the ones leading.

Ladies, I’m going to ask that we all change our outlook.

When random strangers or old men call you sweetheart it can make your skin crawl, am I right? There’s always some well-mannered gentleman who will tell women to go make a sandwich, do the dishes, etc.; what a nice guy.

What I’m asking the female population to do is turn the other cheek.

It’s hard when people can be so ignorant, but try.

For instance, if someone tells you you can’t do physical work because you’re “just a woman,” don’t get super bent out of shape. That person is a moron and shouldn’t get a rise out of you. Most likely that’s what they want.

Don’t be afraid to take control and be a powerful leader. I hear far too many young women turn away from being in charge because they think if they put their foot down someone will think they are the dreaded b-word.

Embrace that. Who cares if you are a b-word?

Care more about getting stuff done like a boss.

The truth is that many of those feelings that offend women’s feminist sensibilities stem from two areas.

First, there is actual, legally sanctioned inequality.

While applicable in some areas of the world, I think we can agree that’s not the case here.

Secondly, it can come from a need for acceptance.

If someone chooses to be dumb and count out an entire gender, why be offended if they don’t approve of something you do?

Let your moral superiority carry you through situations.

Feeling oppressed really isn’t going to move us to that post-feminist utopia.

When it comes to gender rights here, you’re only oppressed if you let yourself feel oppressed.

You can’t fix stupid, so you shouldn’t let stupid people stop you from being a strong, independent woman.

The more we prove doubters wrong, the dumber sexism looks.