Plant Fest brought several students together in the Frey

Lesly Luna-Duran, Staff Writer

The Plant Fest held on March 29 in the Frey attracted and brought many students together.  

The event started with a 15-question Kahoot where students had to answer various questions about plants. The top three places received three different types of plants as a reward. After the Kahoot was over students were able to start planting their plants.  

Zaynab Kouatli, a junior, said they did have a similar event a couple of weeks ago, but it was not a plant fest. It was just a plant-making event. Over a hundred students showed up, so they decided to make it bigger.  

Brittany Ellison, a senior, said they wanted to make sure that everyone who wanted a plant would receive a plant this time so they had more plants available so there would be a better opportunity for students.  

“Plants are fun, and everyone loves plants,” Ellison said.  

Kouatli also said they wanted to make more upon it so that is why they decided to do it in the Frey instead of the SAB office.  

Emily Miller, a junior, said that they wanted to have an opportunity for students to come in and make plants and learn more about different types of plants. Miller said she thinks that the plant fest is different than what they normally have and this kind of took place instead of their normal bingos.  

“Having variety is good for students so they don’t continue doing the same thing,” Miller said. 

Miller did not think that the plant fest would have a big turnout as it did, but she said it did not surprise her either.  

Kouatli said the turnout was what she was expecting.  

“I was expecting a bunch of people and that is what we got,” Kouatli said.  

The next upcoming SAB events for the remainder of the year consist of Miller having a flower arrangement night on April 13. She said you do have to sign up for it and they can only take 25 students. Miller said her aunt is a florist and she is going to come in and help with the event. During the week of Spring Fling, Miller will also be having a car smash.  

Ellison said she has a spring concert planned for April 21. She said that for the concert tickets, there will be three pop-ups happening. Two will be in the atrium and one will be outside of the library for students to come and get their tickets for the concert. 

Kouatli said they do have other events planned that include painting your nails, earring making and a couple more bingos that they have yet not determined.