Hot to build a timeless wardrobe

Jayde Teutsch, Staff Writer

Recent years have created and brought back an endless amount of new fashion trends: low cut jeans, Uggs, mismatched patterns and the Big Red Boots. While most trending clothes are expensive or hard to get your hands on, it is possible to build a stylish and timeless wardrobe that won’t leave your bank account empty.  

To start a wardrobe that will last you longer than two months, you’ll need some basics. Try to find items such as black and white long sleeve shirts, generic jeans and belts at thrift stores or discount sections.  

Zaynab Kouatli, a junior at Wayne State College, suggests checking every aisle in whatever store you are shopping at.  

“I found some of my best gems where you would least expect is, including the kids section,” Kouatli said.  

Items often get set down in the wrong spot, so don’t hesitate to search outside your comfort section.  

WSC junior MacKenzie Peterson also has some advice when it comes to starting a wardrobe. “When building a wardrobe, people oftentimes buy things that they want to start wearing because it is in style right now or their friends have it,” ” Peterson said. “Find things that you could genuinely see yourself continuing to wear for the next five years. Basics such as tank tops, black pants and solid color t-shirts are cheap and easy to replace. Keep your style authentically you!” 

Besides basics, you’ll need some accessories. I find most of my jewelry at thrift stores or am gifted it from friends. Earrings, rings and bracelets are easily found at discount stores for less than $5, so don’t worry about ordering high end items from big name companies. Some grandma donated her earrings with the hope of them finding a good home, so go search the thrift store for those heirlooms.  

While basics and accessories are important, it can be fun to have a few statement pieces. Alexis Gamble, a junior at WSC, thinks that staple pieces are necessary for a timeless and solid wardrobe.  

“I also think prominent items are a great way to express yourself and show your personality through clothing,” Gamble said.  

She believes it is important to balance the two categories of basics and staples to make sure one doesn’t overpower the other.  

“Otherwise, it may be hard to change up styles without buying new clothes, almost like you’re stuck,” Gamble said. 

WSC sophomore Stephanie Palma thinks finding a variety of colors in each area of clothing is a good way to balance the two categories.  

“Lots of color allows you to keep the same clothes for multiple seasons instead of having to buy new clothes each year,” Palma said. “Having a staple for different types of weather is fun and finding cheap basics means you can spend a bit more on statement pieces.” 

It isn’t possible to have basics, staples and accessories though, if you’re not able to spend your money wisely. Throwing money at any slightly cute piece you see doesn’t leave much room for pieces that you truly love; make sure you really consider each item before you purchase it and think about how long it will last. If you wouldn’t spend $30 on a top, you don’t need to buy it just because you found it for $7.  

Also, not every shopping trip will result in amazing finds. If you visit a thrift store and aren’t really finding anything, that is alright; you don’t need to buy something just for the sake of buying something. Make sure every purchase is made with intention and will last at least one year. It can be helpful to go into a store with a list of specific items you are looking for as a way to avoid buying pieces you don’t need.  

Whether you are just starting to build your wardrobe or are trying to revamp it, wear things that make you feel good. Nothing is more important than wearing clothes that express who you are and make you comfortable. Clothes should be fun, so have fun! Buy weird shirts and ugly shoes because at the end of the day, you’re never as young as you are right now. If you’re willing to have fun and show off your personality, your wardrobe will be completed in no time.