Glowga brought relaxation during a stressful time

Reagan Hudson, Staff Writer

The Student Activies Board’s Health and Wellness Coordinator, Emily Miller, hosted Glowga, glow in the dark yoga, on March 1, during the midterm week.  

Midterm week can be a very stressful and busy time for college students, spending a lot of time studying in the library.  

“I know, personally, I am very stressed for midterms, a lot of papers, a lot of exams and everything,” Miller said. “I thought bringing something that could be stress relieving for students and, especially halfway through the week, I think this is something that allows students to come and take a deep breath and think, ‘I can do this. It is going to be fine.’” 

WSC Adjunct Professor Angela Nuss, who teaches various fitness classing including cycling and spin, yoga and pilates, lead the glowga event. The main lights were turned off and the blacklights and glowsticks provided enough light for everyone to follow along while the relaxing music played from the speakers.  

Yoga is a great stress reliever because you focus of breathing through all of the movements, as well as working a lot of different muscles, Nuss said. Stretching consistently and using different muscle groups builds muscle over time. 

Yoga is not for everyone, but Nuss recommends, at least once a week, taking a moment to yourself to relax and unwind, even if it is just a short walk outside. Nuss also teaches Nutrition and Health and Wellness at the Rec Center on WSC campus.  

SAB’s message to the students is to have fun in a safe environment.  

“All of the SAB employees really care, not only about each other but about the students,” Miller said. “We want what is best for them. In my role, I want everyone to have fun in healthy and stress-free ways.”  

Her events are mainly focused on stress relief.  

“I am always really stressed, so I can’t imagine other students are feeling,” Miller said.  

SAB is already planning ahead.  

“In the future, I’m going to bring therapy dogs in before finals,” Miller said.  

In the past, they have also done a retail therapy event and a car smash for stress relief.  

Looking at other schools and universities’ events and activities, Miller finds new and fresh activities for the WSC students.  

“I think it was Iowa State who put on a Glowga event,” Miller said. “We might as well try it! Something new and something different.”