New professor joins music department

Grace Frewing, Staff Writer

Michael Genslinger is the newest instructor in the music department after starting at Wayne State College last fall.  

Genslinger is teaching many different classes this semester. These include applied trumpet, music history II, symphonic band, jazz ensemble and brass ensemble, he said. Along with his full class load, he is also pursuing a doctorate degree and balances family life.  

“I’m doing my doctorate in music education right now with Liberty University,” Genslinger said.  

He got a bachelor’s degree in Trumpet Performance at Stetson University, he said. A few years later he moved to Jacksonville, Florida, and attended the University of North Florida for a master’s degree in Trumpet Performance. In 2019, Genslinger earned his master’s in music education, he said.  

David Bohnert, dean of the School of Arts and Humanities, previously taught in Genslingers position for 25 years.  

“It’s been a really good transition and I’m excited to pass off that legacy to Michael,” Bohnert said. “I think he’s picked it up and run with it quite well.” 

Genslinger is not new to teaching.  

“I spent 11 years full time teaching in the public schools, so I think that’s really helpful with helping our music education students,” Genslinger said.  

He has taught music from elementary through high school and taught a college pep band during his assistantship in his master’s program, he said.  

“The experience so far has been really great,” Genslinger said. “Everyone has been very welcoming. The students have been fantastic. My colleagues, the faculty in the music department have been so very helpful and open to answering any questions that I have.” 

Bohnert said that Genslinger has a fundamentally good skill set for what they needed in the position and he is a great match.  

“He taught music…and is now training our students who will be music teachers,” Bohnert said. “He has that music education background that he can share with our students as they prepare for the same career.”  

Bohnert said he thought Genslinger was a good fit for the music department.  

When asked about his favorite part of the job so far, Genslinger said he loves the diversity. He talked about how professors have to wear many different hats in the music department and not be focused on just one thing. He said he greatly enjoys that.  

Bohnert said Genlinger will bring a fresh perspective to the department, and a real connection to the public schools that music education students can connect to.  

“It’s just been a really positive atmosphere and it’s been a good ride so far,” Genslinger said.