WSC hosts three events for transfer week

Nathan Blizzard, Staff Writer

Wayne State College transfer students hosted three events to celebrate transfer week.  

Transfer week included events such as a transfer student panel, a game night and a t-shirt swap from Feb. 27 to March 3. 

Game night gave transfer students the opportunity to come together and have fun on Feb. 28. 

“This one (transfer week) is specifically designated for transfers here at WSC,” Blake Bartling, a WSC student transfer ambassador, said. “We have one in the fall which is a national transfer student week that goes for every institution.”  

Transfer students participated in the t-shirt swap on March 1. Tee swap allows students to bring in a shirt from a college they transferred from in exchange for a WSC shirt. 

“We got together with our advisor, Dani Eskens,” Bartling said. “We just planned some different events.”  

Dani Eskens, project coordinator for transfer students at WSC, helped bring transfer week to life with transfer students. 

The transfer team held a transfer student panel on Feb. 28 at 2 p.m. which discussed how to increase the support of transfer students. 

Transfer students shared stories about transferring to WSC. 

“My experience has been very successful,” Bartling said. “At first, it was weird coming into a new school because I got used to the school I was at for two years. Then coming here, it was a really easy transition.” 

Bartling gave advice to WSC transfer students. 

“Being able to get involved right away in some different clubs and organizations here on campus help with the transition of meeting people,” Bartling said. “All of my professors were really welcoming, and they helped me.” 

“We decided to do one (transfer week) in the spring to kind of highlight on our transfer students here (WSC) since they’re kind of a voice that’s not heard from very often,” Bartling said. “People don’t really think about how many transfer students are actually at a college until you get to know some people.” 

Transfer students from WSC come from different parts of the state and bring unique perspectives. 

“There are so many different perspectives,” Riley Wiese, a transfer student, said. “Not every person is going to have the same opinion and I think that’s really cool to listen to and see throughout campus. I came from the other side of the state, North Plate, Nebraska, and it’s about four and a half hours away from here (Wayne). It’s totally different than Lincoln.” 

WSC students have the opportunity to support transfer students. 

“Stop in the student center or by the admission office,” Bartling said. “We have transfer pins and stickers that can help give support to transfer students.”