CRU has numerous events coming to campus

Lesly Luna-Duran, Staff Writer

CRU is an interdenominational religious organization at Wayne State College.  

Their mission statement is to “share the gospel with everyone on campus and provide an opportunity for anyone to be built up and equipped to share the gospel.” CRU meets every Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in Gardner Auditorium where they share a message, and it is also a time when they come together and worship.  

Yance Garner, one of the co-presidents for CRU this year, is on the leadership team and helps organize meetings, speakers and any other events that the team might have in mind for the semester. Faith Walton is also on the servant team and is the current treasurer. She is actively involved in leading the prayer committee and helping with other committees that they also have available.  

CRU meets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Anderson Lobby at 5:30 p.m. where they have life groups. This is a time when college students can gather around in a smaller community and students are able to rely on one another. A topical message is also shared every week from the bible recently the topic that was brought up was vulnerability, Garner said.  

“We encourage everyone to come it doesn’t matter where you are at, we are all college students we all have classes that we struggle with, and some that are super easy we just encourage everyone to come,” Garner said.  

If you are not available to attend a life group on either Tuesday or Wednesday Walton has her own that she leads on Mondays which are held in the back room of The Table. This group is more focused on upperclassmen, and they are currently working on a workbook called “In transit” that focuses on different life aspects that will better help prepare students for life after college, Walton said.  

Roughly every month, a barn dance is also hosted for students to attend. It is a time for students to gather and do country and line dancing and overall have a good time with each other, Garner said. The next barn dances coming up are on March 23 and April 28, which will be held at Kai Family Barn located at 1062 586th Ave. in Pender.  

Night of Elegance is also an upcoming event students do not want to miss. It will be held on April 28, and it is very similar to the usual barn dances. The only difference is the men will serve the ladies’ dinner and everybody dresses up. Mocktails are also served and before the dance begins the men perform a skit for the ladies.  

Hopefully, later this semester CRU will be hosting another CRU at the lake event, Walton said. This will most likely be towards the end of the semester. The date is not set yet due to the weather depending.