How to change your major

Hailey Walsh, Staff Writer

Changing your major is easy. Trust me. I’ve done it five times. However, there are a few steps to take if you want to change your major.  

The first thing you need to know is that there is someone willing to talk to you about the major you want to switch to. If you’re considering a new major, you should definitely talk to a professor in the department you’re thinking of joining. If you took a class with a professor whose class inspired you to ditch your old major, talk to them!  

The next thing you want to do is find out if your credits will transfer. It’s easier to switch interdepartmentally because a decent amount of the required courses will be the same. For example, from a mass communication major to a journalism major. Going from a biochemistry major to an art major, however, is a little trickier.  

At this point, I recommend going to your advisor for your best chance at discovering which credits transfer. Your advisor is there to help you succeed and answer any and all questions you may have. Email your advisor or stop by during their office hours to set up a meeting. Going into this meeting, all you will need to know is your mywsc login, your current major and what major you’re switching to.  

Your advisor should go over your credit hours with you and see what does and does not carry over. This process may feel a little heartbreaking, but it’s better to take a few extra classes and live the life you want than be scared of starting again and live unhappily with a major that doesn’t suit you.  

Now that you know every credit that switches over, it’s time to find out what credits you’ll still need. You and your advisor should go over the classes you’ll need to take. I suggest making a list because it will take a while for your degree audit to align with your new degree.  

This has all been in preparation for the actual act of changing your major. There are two routes you can go. I recommend the second route to save time and paper.  

The first route requires a slip of paper called the change of major form which you can get from the Hahn Administration building. You will need to get a signature from your advisor and from the head of the department you’re transferring to. You will also need the names of the majors you’re dropping and adding. Bring this to the Hahn Administration office and you’re done!  

The second route available is to send an email to your advisor requesting a change in major. Your advisor will then send an email to WSC Registration with you in the email thread and you will be asked to agree to the changes. Once you do, you have successfully changed your major!  

Since we’re at a point in the semester where it’s too late to drop classes and get a refund, I suggest finishing strong. Enjoy these last weeks in your dead major. 

Change your major however often you’d like. Go crazy and switch your minor. Take classes that interest you and explore paths you’ve always wanted to go down. Whatever you do, don’t stay where you feel unfulfilled.