KWSC-FM plans 24-hour livestream for Twitch for April 1


Noel Huff

The streamers enjoy a moment of relaxation between intense moments of their game Feb 9, 2023.

Lesly Luna-Duran, Staff Writer

As of fall 2021, KWSC expanded its broadcast to Twitch. KWSC is the Wayne State College student radio station found at 91.9 FM.  

Nathan Reiland-Smith, a student at WSC whose major contains live streaming and broadcasting, made it a goal to bring this opportunity to campus. Reiland-Smith said that when he first started school at WSC, he noticed that KWSC did not have a daily live performance. He decided to take it upon himself and spoke with the appropriate people and was able to add Twitch to KWSC.   

The idea was to broaden the reach of the radio program to further explore different areas of broadcasting Griffin Presnell said. Live streaming today has become one of the new biggest forms of broadcasting. Presnell, a student at WSC, said having a channel that allows students to test the waters and stream in a safe environment is a good resource to have.  

Sean Ahern is the professor whom these students work alongside, but the streaming director is Reiland-Smith.   

According to Reiland-Smith, a lot has happened in the past two years already. He and his team have been able to provide and bring a lot of diversity to the stream. It ranges from art to video games and sports. This year they are striving for commentary video games allowing them to ramp up for their larger event being hosted later this semester.  

On April 1, KWSC will be hosting a 24-hour live stream. Every year the radio station does a charity for the Haven House located in Wayne. In the past years, the radio station has encountered problems when doing it over the radio due to FCC regulations that need to be followed.  

Reiland-Smith said that with advent stream and twitch, there is more space to work with and they are allowed to get the message across. 

“The Haven House is very important to the community and KWSC believes in them and has supported them over the years,” Reiland-Smith said.  

The Haven House provides support for domestic abuse and college students who might have things going on in their personal lives. Reiland-Smith said that supporting them is very important to the community.  

Last year was the first year that KWSC tried doing the charity over the internet stream and they were able to quadruple the money donated.  

Presnell and Reiland-Smith have a goal for themselves that they will build enough of a platform that after they graduate in the Spring, they will be able to pass it down to other students.  

“Through Twitch stream, I hope every student can learn through the live performance,” Reiland-Smith said. “And for students to experience something that is not necessarily done in college channels.”  

Twitch stream is located on the 4th floor of Humanities. Students can become involved by emailing Reiland-Smith at [email protected] or joining the radio workshop class next semester.