Student Recital: Kiernam Baker and Lane McRoberts Perform

Tiffany Toth, News Writer

  There is a student recital happening tonight where two students are performing different pieces that they have been doing over the course of the semester.  

     “I’ve been preparing for this recital since freshman year, working on the fundamentals of the horn and technical proficiency,” Lane McRoberts said. 

“I have a love hate relationship with the trumpet, at times that relationship is lopsided towards either end,” McRoberts said. “What keeps me coming back every day is the raw expression and emotions that it helps me produce.”  

Having a student recital is important because it gives the music department and the music students a chance to show their work and perform their pieces in front of their peers as well as their family and friends.  

“What made me choose these four pieces for this recital was the anticipation of my audition for a graduate program out in Las Vegas that I hope to get accepted into,” McRoberts said. 

    A student recital gives the music students a chance to show their pieces to potential graduate programs such as Lane McRoberts is doing because he wants to get into a graduate program in Las Vegas and this recital will help him do that.  

     “Honestly, the hours are uncountable,” McRoberts said.  

He has worked countless hours on practicing his pieces and making sure they are perfect before performing them for the concert.   

     “I have been playing the trumpet for about ten years now,” McRoberts said. “I need to show versatility and strong fundamentals and these pieces help me do that.” 

     Having the music students perform their pieces at a student recital gives them a chance to show off their talents and show their pieces that they have been working on all semester to those who have supported them through it all.  

     The student recital gives the performers something to look forward to and practice their instruments to perform well at their recital.