Staff Spotlight: Blaine Meyer


Lily Gonzalez

Blaine Meyer sitting at his desk.

Tucker Ashburn, News Writer

The sports management department got a new addition this year.  

Blaine Meyer joined Wayne State College after graduating Midland in 2016, where he was also a member of their football team, and WSC in 2018. In 2018, Meyer was asked if he would take an adjunct position, and when a faculty member retired, Meyer took that position. His official position is instructor of sports management.  

Meyer was a double major in athletic training and sports marketing management, with a double minor in coaching and strength & conditioning. While at Wayne, Meyer got his master’s degree of science in organizational management, with an emphasis in sport and rec management, and is currently getting his doctorate in education. Meyer grew up participating in sports his entire life and at the college level, Meyer wanted to continue his involvement in sports and lead kids into occupations around sports. 

Meyer offered advice to students wanting to go into his field. 

“The advice I would give to students is to be open to anything,” Meyer said. “I was actually a double major in athletic training and sports marketing management and now I’m getting my doctorate in education. So, I would say that that the sport management field can kind of lead you in a lot of different directions and be open to a change of directions you never know where the field is going to lead you and you never know what types of connections, you’re going to find in different areas of sport management or management in general.” 

Meyer has always been interested in sports. 

“I am really interested in sports, very interested in teaching and continuing to teach it’s not really something that I thought I would really ever do let alone pursue my doctorate afterwards but enjoy being around the students, around sports and around my family,” Meyer said. “I enjoy being able to get to enjoy the teaching side of things rather than being a student for once”. 

Meyer is enjoying his time at WSC, his seventh year on campus at WSC.  

“It’s really starting to feel like home even though I don’t live here,” Meyer said. “I live 30 miles away, but it really is starting to feel like a second home. The people within Wayne State College and around town have been very enjoyable to work with… I like the small class sizes and being able to get to know students at a better level, getting to talk with students on a daily basis, getting to know them and understand what allows them to learn at a high level.” 

This semester, Meyer is teaching Introduction to Sport Management, Ethics in Sports Management, Sport Marketing and Promotion, Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries and Physical Health and Well-being. In the spring, Meyer is teaching Physical Health and Well-being, Introduction of Sports Management, Public Relations and Communications in Sport Management, Sport Business and Leadership in Sport.