SAB Vala’s Trip

Gage Dawson, News Writer

Students at Wayne State College were welcomed on a trip, hosted by the Student Activities Board, to Vala’s pumpkin patch this past weekend. 

Students left WSC at 3:30 p.m. in two buses and when they arrived, students were free to roam around the pumpkin patch and do whatever they liked so long as they were back and ready to go to leave by 10:00 p.m.  

Vala’s had many attractions and shows going on for students to enjoy. The haunted house was open for students to go through as well as shows involving dogs and fire dancers.  

“We walked around and explored…we came across a bunny farm, a haunted house, a giant slide,” Maria Raymundo, a student at WSC who attended the trip, said.  

“Me, for example, I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch…so it’s a new experience for me and I know there are other students who have never been to one,” Jesselyn Peterson, the live entertainment and trips coordinator for SAB, said. “It’s also nice to get off campus and do stuff with friends.” 

SAB hosts many other helpful events throughout the year, including upcoming ones such as the adulting events, which is a series that aims to help college students learn tasks such as budgeting and managing money, how to buy a car, and more tasks that will help students in the real world.  

“I feel like it’s a great way to destress…The events are actually helpful and informal which I like…it gives me more information on certain things I never knew about,” Raymundo said. 

Another upcoming event is the Burn Book Night. Students who attend this event will be able to make s’mores with other students and will also receive a burn book which they are free to write in like a journal.  

As for other trips, Peterson would like to put together a trip taking students to Mall of America overnight. Although, in the early stages of development Peterson is hopeful that this event, as well as a Winter Wonderland event hosted by Brittany Ellison, who is the annual events coordinator for SAB, will be very successful among students. 

For other events that SAB hopes to have in future, under Peterson’s position specifically, they hope to give students events that are fun, but also helpful to them.  

“I believe having a speaker or poet is more relaxed compared to going out and having fun,” Peterson said. “I like to focus on the trips aspect of my position, but I will be trying to incorporate the live entertainment section, I just would prefer it to be more interactive.” 

For any other news on events hosted by SAB, be sure to check the official WSC website, as well as keeping an eye out for flyers around campus.