Four Resolutions Passed at Short Senate Meeting

Aubreanna Miller, Editor-in-Chief

At a short fourth meeting of the semester, the Student Senate passed four resolutions, inducting a new member, confirming Wayne State College’s Judicial Board, inducting a new club and issuing allocations to another.  

The senators, before approving the minutes from the previous meeting, voted to reconsider Resolution 31. This resolution, to recognize Senate’s secretary position as an ex-officio member in their Constitution, previously passed. However, after reconsideration, the members decided this issue needed to be discussed further in the future. The motion then failed unanimously. 

President Carter Ossian gave his Presidential Announcements thanking Campus PR and Technology, Philomatheans and Delta Sigma Pi for their contribution to the Student Senate sponsored Homecoming events. The Adventure Race, formally known as the Nearly Naked Mile, and the Volleyball Tournament had a record number of participants, which had fallen during the pandemic.  

Ossian also congratulated Senator Molly Johnson, winner of Homecoming Queen, and Blake Bartling, Homecoming King, who attended the meeting as a gallery member. 

Student Trustee Brett Hilbers then described the list of requirements for future trustees to the Nebraska State College System. Applications for the 2023-2024 school year are due Friday, Nov. 11, 2022.  

Hilbers described his time as a trustee as one of the greatest experiences of his college career and urged all students to consider running for the position.  

The first resolution of the night approved Ossian’s appointment of Zephan Tinsley as a representative of the School of Business and Technology.  

Next, Resolution 38 confirmed the appointments of the WSC Student Judicial Board. The confirmed members include Chair Sofia Gunn, Brennan Wrightsman, Yance Garner, Austin Haussler and Dylon Dobbs.  

Senator Kyle Jedlicka expressed his excitement for this group of bright students and the important work they will accomplish on the board.  

Brooke Jones, representative of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), spoke at the meeting, asking for the club to join the list of official organizations at WSC.  

As a transfer student from Chadron State College and member of CSC’s MTNA, Jones felt surprised WSC did not offer this community to music students.  

This club focuses on privatized education and plans to promote music workshops both on and off campus, participate in national conventions, complete outreach programs with area public schools and bring an added level of professional development to music educators.  

“[MTNA] is not just for music education majors,” Jones said. “It also is a space to bring music to the community and will be open to all music lovers.”  

The final resolution passed unanimously, allocating $2,660 from the Reserve Fund to Civic Leadership at Wayne State (CLAWS). According to the Allocations Committee, who had a meeting with CLAWS representatives prior to Monday’s Senate meeting, the request follows their preset 20% limit of spending on non-essential club items.  

According to the WSC club page for CLAWS, “The purpose of CLAWS is to build a bridge linking the community of Wayne to Wayne State College by being a program for academic excellence and a producer of forward-thinking leaders that embody honesty and integrity.” 

Sidney Truman, representative of the organization, presented the senators with CLAWS’ plans for the school year including inviting speakers and reading to community children. The first speaker will offer a motivating presentation to WSC students, specifically aimed at advising young women looking to hold leadership positions in their community. Two former Marines will also speak at the college about the importance of leadership and taking action. 

The next meeting of the Student Senate will take place on Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. in Connell Room 131. All students are welcome to attend the meetings.