Face Time Aesthetics: Take a Little Time for Yourself

Maddie Genoways, News Writer

Near the corner of Third St., apart from the hustle and bustle of Main Street, lies a hidden gem for both the trend-setting beauty guru and the self-conscious passerby looking to boost their self-esteem.  

Nestled between busy thrift stores and City Hall is Face Time Aesthetics, a small skincare parlor packed to the brim with decor, products and infectious enthusiasm. If it wasn’t immediately obvious from the shelves loaded with both professional skincare products and flourishing potted plants, this little store holds much more than just a beauty parlor. 

Face Time Aesthetics is owned and operated by Jessi Hochstein, a licensed esthetician in the state of Nebraska and the very definition of a “people person.” Hochstein is likely a very familiar face to most long-term Wayne residents, and since opening her own skin care service on April 1 of this year, she has experienced even more of the community as they walk through her door. 

Hochstein credits the start and success of her business to her supportive friends and family, including nail technician Lesli Sturm, who invited Hochstein to move her business into her nail salon, Nailed It!, where the two now share the office.  

“I had been wanting something more for a long time…we were trying to figure out what would be a good fit,” Hochstein said. “We ruled out cosmetology, since there were already a couple massage therapists around Wayne, but as an aesthetician, there would be a want and a need for my services.”  

Hochsetin attended the College of Hair Design in Lincoln, where she underwent an intensive four month course to earn her license.  

“School went by quickly, but it was fast and furious. They whip you through some of everything,” Hochstein said. “Everything really just fell into place for me at a good time in my life. I know not everyone can just up and leave for four and a half months to start a business.” 

Hochstein currently offers a wide range of treatments, each one personalized to treat the wide range of her clients’ needs.  

“People always ask me what my favorite service is, but I really don’t offer anything I don’t already love to do!” Hochstein said.  

For facials, Hochstein’s primary focus is anti-aging, but believes that facials can benefit anyone.  

“If you have a little bit of hormonal acne, or some scarring and hyperpigmentation, I can definitely help out with that too,” Hochstein said.  

She also offers a wide variety of waxings as well as back and body treatments.  

“It’s great for those times when you want to treat yourself, like before spring break, when you want to feel nice,” Hochstein said.  

She also offers more specialized treatments, such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, lash extensions, lifts and tints as well as eyebrow tinting.  

“You just have to remember, nothing I do here is a one-and-done thing, there’s no magic potion for beauty,” Hochstein said. 

Hochstein primarily uses medical-grade Glo Skin Beauty products at her shop.  

“I use the same product line we used at school,” Hochstein said. “I did a case study on my sister while I was studying, and I saw some really great results from her. It was kind of a case of ‘it works well, why change it?’” 

While Hochstein counts herself lucky in the fact she had many advocates and friends spreading the word about Face Time Aesthetics, she also had help from an unexpected source.  

“College students have been one of the biggest helps in spreading the word about my shop,” Hochstein said. “A lot of times I’ll have one student come in for a treatment, and afterwards two of their friends will call for an appointment, and then they’ll tell their friends and family. All these people who don’t know me, but spread the word about my shop anyways…it makes me feel good.” 

While Face Time Aesthetics provides skincare services first and foremost, Hochstein’s goal is to create a safe and nurturing environment for her clients.  

“I just love people!” Hochstein said. “It doesn’t matter what I’m working on, It’s all just skin to me. I don’t care what your feet look like, I don’t care if you’re a little big, I’m here to love on you and make you feel better about yourself.”