“Deux Femme Pianistes: An Empowering Recital”

Iliana Rosabal-Perez, News Writer

Angela Miller-Niles and Shelly Armstrong, WSC faculty, will be performing the recital “Deux Femme Pianistes” on Tuesday, Sept. 27 in the Ley Theater at 7:30 p.m. 

  “Deux Femmes Pianistes” is the French name adopted by the duo formed by Miller-Niles and Armstrong for several years.  

“We chose the French term because translated in English it means “two female pianists” and we often incorporate at least one French composer in our programs,” Armstrong said.  

“We’ve done multiple concerts with music entirely by female composers over the past few years, so the name also gives a nod to the female musicians that write the music,” Miller-Niles said.  

The duo have carried out a systematic exploration with works for two pianos, especially lesser-known female authors. Hence the central purpose of their recital.  

“Our piano duo plays concerts by female composers, to highlight their work and bring attention to composers that are often ignored,” Miller-Niles said. “This recital features composers from the past and present, including two living composers, and from countries around the world.”  

“We especially like to present music by female composers, who are underserved in this idiom,” Armstrong said.  

The repertoire brings exquisite pieces that show a wide spectrum of feminine sensibilities worldwide.  

“All works are for two pianos, and all are by female composers,” Miller-Niles said.  

Referring specifically to the program designed, they said the show includes “Le Matin et le Soir” by the French composer Cecile Chaminade (1857-1944); “The Moon’s Surface” a piece written in 2015 by living composer South Korean-American SiHyun Uhm, the works for two pianos “De Kade” (The Quay) and “De Stenen Leeuw” (The Stone Lion) by the Dutch-Australian Meta Overman (1907-1993), “Arghavan: Dark Red”, an avant-garde piece with extended techniques written in 2012 by the Iranian-Canadian living composer Parisa Sabet and “Suite for two pianos” by the Polish Wladyslawa Mariewiczowna (1900-1982).  

This recital is the occasion to feel that the absent, distant and ignored composers will never die. No doubt, “Deux Femmes Pianistes” are fascinated with empowering forgotten female composers.