WSC App Opinion (Wildcats, get your app together!)

Maddie Genoways

Students and faculty members at Wayne State College use applications from the school website every day, so why is our most important tool still lacking user-friendliness and accessibility from most devices? 

A quick glance at any WSC student’s browser will likely include the familiar six letter site that serves as home base for almost every campus activity: It is a  lifeline for frantic freshmen searching for a campus map or dining hall hours. It also directs students to  home base school applications, including Canvas and Outlook email. 

Currently, opening the website requires a whole song and dance from navigating  the home website to the correct tab, logging in first with a password, then with a push from Duo, not including the multiple applications that require a second sign-in. The point being: The Wayne State home page, the center of student life, is just difficult to use. 

Imagine how much simpler college life would be if there was a one-stop shop for all campus needs that didn’t require a five-minute login process. Applications such as Canvas, PaperCut, Microsoft Office and OneDrive would no longer take multiple logins on different pages and a swath of new windows to open.  

The possibility of a WSC app would be especially helpful when registration rolls around. Easy access to semester schedules, enrollment tabs, degree audits, scholarships and tuition payments would help to make one of the most stressful weeks on campus that much simpler. Not to mention the load it would take off advisors shoulders to have advisees with no excuse not to build their schedule prior to registration… 

As of now, WSC is behind the curve as the only one of Nebraska’s colleges to not have a school app available for download. The Universities of Nebraska-Omaha, Lincoln and Kearney all provide mobile connection to campus maps with transport times, class schedules, campus news and other school applications. WSC does currently offer an app for student use, however, it is used only for athletics and has none of the capabilities of the school website.  

Computer Science majors of WSC, this is my plea to you: our school is in dire need of your skills! A WSC app would not only streamline the login process for classes, but would also make access to campus technology simple and straightforward for all students.  

Our school needs a mobile app that will do more than just sell tickets to school games- we need one that can connect students to campus anytime and anywhere. One that will provide all with the quality content from the WSC website, but without the hassle of multiple logins and unfriendly web format.