Masquerade ball held by SAB had large turn-out

Grace Hunke, Staff Writer

The masquerade ball was a major hit for the Student Actives Board Thursday, April 7, with over 100 people attending. 

The masquerade ball was put on by SAB with Regan Ott and Kailey Jensen in charge.  

“We had a really good turn out,” Ott said. “We expected around 50-75 people and had over 100.” 

Ott said SAB was very happy with the turnout because many students had been talking about it and expressing interest on campus throughout the week.  

“We hosted in on a Thursday because that seems to be when we have the best turnouts,” Ott said. “Whenever we host Bingos on Thursday, we also get a good amount of people.” 

The ball was the student body’s idea. Many high school proms were cancelled due to Covid-19, so this was another chance for students to get a “prom.”  

“With many dances and other formals being cancelled for everyone, we thought this would be a fantastic chance for students to have some fun,” Ott said.  

The masquerade theme is a very common theme for formals and balls, but SAB also wanted to use the masks with the pandemic.  

With the pandemic having recently occurred, we thought it was time that we bring back the ‘masks of old,’” Ott said.  

Freshman Avriana Ault attended the ball and said it was a great time.  

“I had a lot of fun,” Ault said. “I went with a group of my friends, and the music was super good. It was an open DJ so we could request as many songs as we wanted.”  

Ault said if they were to host the event again next year she would go.  

Ott said that having the event next year is totally up to the students.  

I would absolutely love to see another ball, but it truly is up to the students,” Ott said. “If there is enough interest like there was this year, then SAB will do what it can to make it happen. So, if this is something that wants to be seen on campus again or if they have any other ideas, please attend our meetings, or write it on the suggestion board outside of the Student Activities office.”