SAB breaking of the fast


Graphic from SAB Instagram

SAB will be breaking the fast every Saturday in April

Bailey Gunderson, Staff Writer

The Student Activities Board is hosting an event every Saturday for the month of April in the Niobrara Room where students can come together at sunset and break their fast for Ramadan. 

Ramadan is a month of worship in which Muslims fast from Suhoor (before sunrise) to Iftar, the breaking of the fast, according to 

“Muslims abstain from all food and water. Nothing may be consumed during these hours,” according to 

According to, some ways non-Muslims can support their Muslim friends during Ramadan is by joining any Iftar meals they may be invited to, asking questions and by simply being aware of the holiday and wishing those that celebrate it a happy Ramadan. 

Zaynab Kouatli, a member of SAB, gave some insight into the ways students can benefit from the going to these breaking of the fast events, even if they don’t celebrate Ramadan.  

“Attending this event would allow people to see a new perspective of the culture and an understanding of how Ramadan operates,” Kouatli said. “It also allows them to be able to participate in the culture as well.” 

There will be a Kahoot every week to help learn about the breaking of the fast with different prizes for the winner, said Kouatli. For example, one of the prizes that were given out last week were moon stickers and prizes change weekly.  

“There will also be a different meal every week along with tea, soup and snacks,” Kouatli said. “Last time we served curry and rice with dates and milk.” 

One reason Kouatli said they appreciate these events so much is because it is something they would have appreciated as a freshman.  

“My freshman year I had nowhere to go to break my fast, I had to eat Raman in my dorm,” Kouatli said. “This gives students an opportunity to break their fast in good environment with a nutritious meal.”  

“I urge students on campus to come to these events and enjoy a free meal,” Kouatli said.