Connell Library Books

Cory Martinson, News Writer

Connell Library continues to update its library books to best help students at Wayne State College.  

Evan Swan, one of the librarians at Connell Library, who gave information about the upkeep of the library on campus.  

Swan explained how the library buys their books. 

Library materials purchasing is a collaborative effort involving all the librarians and staff at the US Conn Library,” Swan said. “We receive budget numbers in early fall and spend this money over the course of the fall and spring semesters.”  

Swan talked about what criteria he follows when adding new books to the library.   

“Each librarian has a particular subject area we are assigned to make purchases for,” Swan said. “Mine are history, geography/earth sciences, and biology. We ask the professors to send us info on any items they want us to purchase, and students are also welcomed to suggest items. Beyond these suggestions, I have two goals that I try to balance with my history purchases. One, I strive to purchase items that will be useful for student research based on the classes being offered by the department. Two, I try to purchase books covering a diverse range of eras, places, topics, unique points of view, and underrepresented voices.” 

Shelby Loberg, a student at WSC, talked about her views on the library. 

“I think the library does a pretty excellent job of updating their books,” Loberg said. “I am always seeing new books come in when I am looking for a new book to read.”   

Loberg also talked about what books she enjoys reading or what she would like to see be added to the library collection.  

“I enjoy reading mysteries as well as romance and I would like to see the library continue to keep bringing in the romance books,” Loberg said.