KWSC holds 24-hour Haven House Fundraiser


Courtesy of Whitney Winter.

KWSC will hold a 24-hour fundraiser for Haven House April 9-10 on Twitch. 

Kathryn Vlaanderen, Staff Writer

KWSC, Wayne State College’s radio station, will hold a 24-hour fundraiser for the local Haven House Organization April 9 and 10 on the social media platform, Twitch.  

The KWSC radio crew is busy with preparations for an event that will be held on the fourth floor of the Humanities building and will be held from noon on April 9 and runs through noon on April 10.  

The radio station hosts the annual Haven House Fundraiser broadcast, but this year marks the first time that it will be live streamed on a social media platform. The event will be broadcast exclusively on Twitch, and that will be the only way that the public can tune into the event this year.  

  Twitch is a live streaming social platform that provides a huge advantage for the radio station.  Twitch allows the station to not only provide audio to their audience, but also broadcasts live video footage for the many participants to truly showcase their talents. The event participants will perform a diverse collection of content such as video games, cooking, baking, and art-related hobbies. Nathan Reiland-Smith, who is running the event, assures that there will be something for every audience member out there to enjoy.  

KWSC also has an Instagram post for anyone with ideas for the livestream, or those who would like to help out during the 24-hour event benefiting the local community.   

“It is open for just about anyone outside of the radio station to participate,” Reiland-Smith said. “We encourage just about anyone who is interested to help out Haven House as  a part of our community. We are willing to work with individuals who are committed.”  

Anyone who is interested in the live stream will be able to on the Twitch platform or through the URL, or find more information on any of the post regarding the events that are posted around campus as well as the events board that is posted on the WSC website.