Top 10 Women

Kristian Perez, Staff Writer

There are many women both in history and today that inspire other women and people strongly. 

 It’s important to make sure we honor these women even to this day as they were the women that set the foundation for women in the future like us. 

 To watch and learn from amazing women inspire and believe that leaders don’t just come from men but also from women. I’m going to name 10 women that inspire me from history and today.  

Marilyn Monroe, the icon of beauty, her real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson. 

 She was an American actress who became a major symbol for beauty to all women in the world.  

Monroe is inspiring from her many accomplishments throughout her life, but many people don’t know that because of a difficult childhood she used it to overcome which in return played a huge role in becoming the world’s biggest and most beautiful role models, so much in fact you still hear people talk about her leadership to this day. 

 Lily Janke, a senior at Wayne State College said she agrees that Marilyn Monroe is the icon of beauty.  

“She influenced the definition of beauty in a major way, she showed all women those imperfections are beautiful,” Janke said. 

Princess Diana married the Prince of Wales on July 29, 1981. During Diana’s marriage, she took on a wide range of royal duties as a leader.  

She was the perfect image of balance as a wife and leader. Family was always very important to her, and she made sure to make that known.  

Diana later got a divorce but continued to be a member of the royal family. That never stopped Diana from being the great leader she always was for the royal family.  

She’s inspiring for the many reasons I listed above and so much more. She never backed down from a challenge. 

Rosa Parks is a great example of leadership and standing up for what you believe, as we all know Rosa Parks is very famous in history for refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery Alabama in 1955. 

 Her actions that day inspired the local black community to organize the Montgomery bus boycott which was led by Martin Luther King Jr. This boycott lasted over a year and every step of the way showed Rosa Parks and her bravely to stand her ground even if it did upset half the world.  

I think it’s important to have people like Parks in history, it set the foundation for change, and although she lost her job, she stood for what she believed in and that powerful. Parks became a nationally recognized symbol of dignity and strength in the struggle to end racial segregation 

Sarah Rose Summers, an American model and beauty pageant winner crowed Miss USA 2018. Organically from Lincoln, she was also crowed Miss Nebraska after graduating from Texas Christian University for two degrees in four years.  

Sarah is passionate about encouraging other women to have health relationships with food and fitness, in fact during her time as Miss USA she spoke out about body shaming and the idea of women’s beauty being worth gold. 

 Anywhere Sarah goes her light shines bright and it’s clear that she’s inspiring to women of all ages as she speaks to teenagers and young women. I started following her after I realized she was from Nebraska and won Miss USA. She’s positive and wants to change the world for the better any chance she has. 

Candance Owens is mainly known for her quotes or posts on her Instagram and Facebook about politics. She isn’t afraid to say what she believes even if it upsets a lot of people. Women’s voices are often silenced, we see this in both history and in today’s world. 

 Owens shows that women shouldn’t have to be silenced, that our opinions matter too. She’s very inspiring for young women that haven’t found their voices yet. 

Serena Williams, the famous American Tennis player known for her great skills and inspiring women to chase their dreams and do what makes them happy.  

Serena learned how to play tennis from her father on the public courts in Los Angeles then turned professional in 1995. At the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney, Australia, Serena won gold medals in the double’s events.   

One of Serena famous quotes are “Everyone’s dream fan come true if you just stick to it and work hard.”  

“Serena Williams has impacted the world of female athletes she worked very hard to overcome injury and struggles to become an exceptional tennis player,.” Janke said 

Emma Watson is best known as a British actor; we have seen her in a lot of movies and shows. 

She’s also a great person off the set as she has worked to promote fair trade and organic clothing while serving as an ambassador for Camfed international.  

This is a moment to educate girls in rural Africa, Emma later said later that becoming an ambassador for this company is so humbling. 

Jennifer Lawrence is clearly a gifted performer and is easily one of the most lovable women in Hollywood. 

 She’s known for being funny, smart, and always speaks her mind never failing to remind everyone that our voices do have power.  

One of the most inspiring things Jennifer has done to date was when she became the second youngest women ever to win the Academy Award for best actress. Anytime Jennifer has gotten the mic to speak she reminds us how important it is to believe in yourself. 

Jordan Lee Dooley is a Christian book writer and speaker for young women, she has published a national bestselling book also launching a top podcast. 

 Jordan also has programs you could sign up for different Bible studies. She started out with an Etsy store called “Soul Scripts” which was a small clothing store for women around the world to buy clothing with a message behind it.  

Jordan’s mission is to help women prioritize their health and well-being as they build their dreams. Jordan is very inspiring to young women, she started out small and grew into something big. 

Selena Quintanilla was born April 16, 1971, in Texas. Her father, Abraham Quintanilla, was a former musician. 

 They discovered Selena’s love for Mexican music at a young age and like that the band Selena Y Los Dinos was created. Although Selena grew up speaking English, her father taught her how to sing in Spanish so she could resonate with the Latino community.  

Selena was considered the “Queen of Tejano” which is a type of Mexican music with other styles such as country and western. One of Selena’s famous songs to this date is “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” a song written for her husband Chris Perez to describe the way she feels for him. 

 Selena was shot and killed in Corpus Christi Texas on March 31, 1995, she was just 23 years old, Selena’s murder sent shockwaves through the Latino Community.  

They later found out that Yolanda Saldivar, the founder of the Selena Fan Club killed Selena. She was known as Selena’s biggest fan, so no one ever saw it coming.  

Although Selena was taken from us far too early the time, she spends here she used to the best of her advantage, always spreading smiles and love anywhere she went. 

“Someone that inspires me is Jazz Jennings, because she has influence teenagers through her reality tv shows sharing life ups and downs throughout everyday life she has me it’s never too late or early to be who you are,” Janke said.