SAB hosted Book Bingo

Grace Hunke, Staff Writer

Wayne State College’s Students Activities Board hosted Book Bingo for students in the Frey Suite March 17. 

There were many prizes to choose from. Everything from bookmarks, to socks, to pens, to actual books. The final and biggest prize was a Kindle PaperWhite. The PaperWhite was won by Alex McRae. The final prize was won on a blackout round that came down to the wire. 

Another winner was Kelsey Horton. She won a fabric bag, a pair of socks and a desk sign.  

“It was a lot of fun,” Horton said. “My friends and I have been coming to all of the bingo nights, and this is the first time we have actually won something.”  

Camille Pelan also attended Book Bingo and won stickie notes.  

“I had a blast,” said Pelan. “I can’t wait for the next one.”  

Pelan said she enjoys going to bingo to take her mind off homework, and just take a break from school.  

SAB had 59 people attend the event. Zaynab Kouatli ran the event and decided on the theme of Book Bingo.  

“Book Bingo has been done many times before here at Wayne State, so I wanted to continue that tradition,” Kouatli said. “The event turned out really well. A little bit smaller of a group than most SAB bingos, but we still had fun.”  

Kouatli picks out the prizes themself. They said they like to go shopping on Amazon. They type in the theme and then pick that they think their fellow WCS students would enjoy.