SAB Vision Boards

Bailey Gunderson, News Writer

The Student Activities Board hosted an event for students to make vision boards on Feb. 8 in the Niobrara Room.  

From 6-7 p.m., students were able to go make vision boards using items provided for them by SAB. Taking pictures and quotes that were influential to themselves, students were able to build a collage that felt specific to themselves.  

Brittany Ellison, in charge of the health and wellness events that SAB hosts, gave her idea on the event and why vision boards can be helpful.  

 Ellison said she was going through Pinterest when a collage popped up and she thought a vision board event would be interesting.  

Ellison also stated that there are multiple ways that vision boards can be beneficial to those that create them.  

“I wanted to do a Vision Board event to set your goals for the year and try to have a fresh start,” Ellison said.  

Vision boards can also be a great outlet to be let loose and get inspired.  

“Taking time from your day to sit and do a craft is good for your mental health,” said Ellison. “You can look at your board every day and know ‘these are my goals.’” 

Wayne State College student Elena Renner attended the event and made her own board. 

“I really enjoyed this event, I was able take my free time and have fun making something to inspire me,” said Renner. “I think it was a great idea for an event and I hope that we can have similar events in the future.”  

The event ended up with a good outcome. Ellison was happy with the turnout and was glad that students could sit down and relax while making their boards.