MOS: COVID on Campus

Kristian Perez, News Writer

Shelby Schow (Kristian Perez)

Shelby Schow
“I like that the Wayne Clinic offers free vaccinations, I think that’s very important, especially for the students that can’t go back to their home doctors to get the vaccine,” Schow said.
“I do like that it’s an option if we want to wear masks around campus or in the classrooms,” Schow said.
“Some ways I see Wayne helping slow the spread of COVID is having hand sanitizer in various places and buildings,” Schow said. “Overall, Wayne is a very clean college.”



Kristian Perez

Yasmin Basulto
“I really like that we have an option to get vaccinated here in Wayne at anytime we want to,” Basulto said.

“Some ways I think Wayne can continue the safety of their students is really enforcing COVID signs posted around campus,” Basulto said

“Some ways I’ve seen Wayne help slow the spread of COVID are professors splitting their classes in two for extra space and keeping Covid signs posted around campus,” Basulto said.

“I’m sure if COVID continues to get worse Wayne would do something to ensure the safety of their students,” Basulto said.



Nicole Green (Kristian Perez)

Nicole Green

“I think it’s great that they have a vaccination clinic here in Wayne,” Green said. “I know last year there was a point I had COVID, and student health was really responsible with how to handle it and how to get in touch with my professors.”

“When COVID first broke out, I really liked how Wayne sent e-mails updating us on the number of cases per week,” Green Said.

“I’m thankful Wayne still meets in person, I found that online learning can be harder for me,” Green said.



Ashley Green (Kristian Perez)

Ashley Green
“I think teachers are great with handling Covid in the classrooms, it’s nice that we can have the option to zoom into some of our classes for students that can’t attend in person or don’t feel comfortable doing so,.” Green Said.

“I believe Wayne has been doing as good as they can in order to slow the spread,” Green said. “Vaccination clinics are always great and I’m glad Wayne has that option for us.”



Mercedes Holmes (Kristian Perez)

Mercedes Holmes
“Some ways I’ve seen Wayne help slow COVID is offering vaccination clinics, the staff encouraging their students to wear masks in the classrooms shows they care about their students,.” Holmes said.

“I would like to see more consistency it’s very up in the air on what each teacher wants in their classrooms,.” Holmes Said.