My Best in Show Winner

Kathryn Vlaanderen, Staff Writer

During the Thanksgiving holiday, the Westminster Dog Show makes its annual appearance on television every year to announce a luck dog as best in show. Everyone has their own opinions on which breed they believe should win Best in Show. there’s no doubt that the English Springer Spaniel is the winner hands down.  Of course, I’m probably a bit biased since I have a springer spaniel, but they have won the title quite a few times over the years.

For as long as I can remember, I had only had the chance to get to know the English springer spaniel breed through my dog, Kensington or Kenzie. It was January when we got her as a puppy from a small farm in the middle of nowhere. When we arrived, Kenzie wasn’t officially “available” for adoption because the breeder was intending to keep her.  After a short time and speaking with my grandma who had raised springers before; the owner allowed us to take home the smallest pick of litter.

Little did I know that the small puppy on the farm would become my best friend. English springer spaniels like Kenzie are water dogs; we could tell right away due to the numerous puddles of water that she jumped in as a puppy.   

At the Westminster dog show, the English springer spaniel has won six titles thus far.   When it comes to her own stardom; Kenzie believes that she is the queen bee of our family.  Her royal demands are made up of sitting on a specific side of the couch and expectations of receiving human food in her food bowl occasionally. Usually, when Kenzie has enough of her family she goes into her kennel where no one can bother her royal slumber. Kenzie’s dog breed is fiercely protective of their family members when it comes to protecting the home from unknown intruders and in unknown places.  Usually, Kenzie shows her protective nature towards unexpecting walkers and defending her home from the neighborhood cat.  

English springer spaniels, like most dogs are grateful for the smallest of things in their lives. Dogs seek love, care, and adventurous life that we give them as their owners in return. Dogs like Kenzie are grateful that they can brighten our bad days with a lick on the face or a wag of their tails. My best friend was born on Thanksgiving. When it comes down to who will win Best in Show at this annual Westminster dog show my pick for the winner will already be decided because I am so grateful to call Kenzie, my personal best in show.