Fall Career Fair takes place Oct. 27


Image from https://www.wsc.edu/events/event/2242/fall_career_fair. Photo courtesy of WSC

Jennifer Castillo, News Writer

Career Services is hosting the Fall Career Fair that allows students the opportunity to network with local and regional employers on Wednesday, Oct. 27. The career fair will take place in Frey conference room and Atrium located in the Kanter Student Center.

This year’s Fall Career Fair will give students and alumni the chance to talk to employers and lose some nervousness. Students will have the chance to network and look for employment opportunities. Career Services believe this event would be a great place to start networking since over 90 employers are participating in the event.

“We have over 90 employers that are going to be here on Wednesday, so what better place than to have 90 employers all in one spot,” Jason Barelman, Director of Career Services, said.

Although juniors and seniors have more interest in this event, career services encourage everybody to attend. Freshmen and sophomores will also benefit from this networking event.

“If you are a freshman, you may think you have four or five years before you are going to start that process of looking for a job, but time goes very quickly, and if you can start making those contacts now with employers by the time you get ready to look for an internship or full-time job you will be pretty experienced at actually networking,” Barelman said.

Career Services wants to make this experience pleasant for both the students and the employer. The employers are selected with the help of an online job board call Cat Tracks, a board provided through Wayne State College. Employers post jobs on the board, and Career Services send out emails in June to every employer asking if they are interested in attending. Employers who are interested reach out to career services and pay a fee to come to the fair.

The expectation from the Career Services is hopeful. They hope the event has a great student turnout. They hope students decide that it is a valuable event to attend.

“With that many employers there, we really do need a lot of students attend make it worth their while,” Barelman said.

It is important for students to attend because employers will stop coming if they do not have any student traffic. She said the more times someone put themselves out there and talk to people the off they are going to be by the time it comes down when looking for a job.